Problems with Cozmo

If the game does not start after running the correct command:

  • Cozmo will not start the game if he can not see the cubes. Most of the time this is because he is not back far enough to see all the cubes, or his arm bar is blocking his view. To fix this, make the appropriate adjustments and the game should start. More information for this can be found in the user guide “Basic Set-up Instructions” on page 5.

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Problems with Cubes

If you tried #1 and the game is still not starting:

  • If you tried the above and the game still is not starting, it is possible that the cubes ran out of juice. Try replacing the batteries. From Anki’s website, they claim the batteries in the cubes will last about 40 hours. The cubes take a N, E90, LR1 1.5Volt battery. For more information, see How to replace a Cube battery.

Problems with the Application

If Cozmo or the game becomes unresponsive in the middle of playing:

  • Close the application and re-launch the game using the python command python3