Moving Forward

Cozmo Limitations

During the course of development on this project, we have noticed a few limitations that can affect future additions.

  • Three cube limitation: We noticed that Cozmo will only recognize the first distinct three cubes placed in front of him. This means he will not recognize additional cubes. So you can’t use 5 cubes to open a wider range of songs that could be played.
  • Lighting: We also noticed, if the lighting is too low, Cozmo’s camera can not see the cubes properly. This could cause issues during gameplay. Also, if the lighting is too bright, the players can not see the color of the cubes.

Some Ideas for Moving Forward with the Project

We had many great ideas for this project, unfortunately, the semester is only so long and we could not fit all of our ideas in this package. We coded this project with the thought of making it easy to make changes or expanding in the future.

We originally were going to name the project “Cube Jam” with the thought that we would have multiple games to play based on the sense of hearing.

Other game ideas included:

  • An Ear Training game: This would be a game where a note would be played, and the player would have to guess what the note was by tapping the appropriate cube. This game mode could also train relative pitches.
  • A duet mode: In duet mode, the player would play along WITH Cozmo, not so much against him. A game based on collaboration and not so much competition.

Other ideas on how to expand could include:

  • Add a cube pagination menu for selecting options
  • Add additional difficulty levels
  • Add more instruments
  • Add additional songs
  • Add a baton prop that Cozmo could use to point to the cubes