This document aims to explain why we recommend using PyCharm to develop Song Match.

If you haven’t already, download and install PyCharm Community Edition here.

Finding Usages

The first reason we recommend you use PyCharm is the ability to find usages. Often when developing you need to find all the places where a function is called. PyCharm makes this easy.

For example, here’s a function that checks for whether the game is over in


If you hover over the name of the function while holding Ctrl, and click the name of the function you can find usages.

PyCharm also has other keyboard shortcuts and ways to find usages that are helpful to learn.


The tooltip window shows the function is called in two places:

  1. Line 98 in
  2. and line 117 in

You can select either usage and PyCharm will automatically navigate there for you.


Finding usages works for functions, methods, variables, and anything else you could care about.

Enforcing PEP 8

PyCharm also helps developers follow Python’s official style guide PEP 8.

For example, PEP 8 states variables should use snake case instead of camel case.


PyCharm underlines the camelcase variable with a yellow squiggly line and suggests renaming it from numPlayers to num_players.

So Much More

PyCharm offers many other great features that are outside the scope of this document like:

You can find more information on JetBrain’s website.