Song Match Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the Cozmo Song Match project!

Song Match is a game where you try to match the notes of a song by tapping blocks with Cozmo. With each round, the game gets longer and a little harder. Song Match supports up to 3 players.

Song Match is brought to you by four undergraduate students from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Collectively, we are The Cozmonauts.

How It Works

The game starts by playing the first three notes of a song. Each time a note is played, a corresponding cube flashes. The player must match the notes by tapping the correct sequence of cubes. If the player gets the sequence correct, then Cozmo tries to match the correct sequence. If either the player or Cozmo gets three notes incorrect, then they lose the game.

This makes up one round. Each round the length of the sequence increases, until you reach the end of the song.

Please view our User’s Guide for detailed information on how to play the game.

Download User's Guide

Also, for some ideas on how to pitch the game to children, check out our Educator’s Guide.

Download Educator's Guide


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